Do not Get Sued

Do you know if the website for your business is ADA compliant?  Well if it isn’t, and most likely it’s not, you are putting yourself at great risk for a lawsuit.

Being ADA compliant basically means that your website is easily accessible to everyone. For example, having a way for color-blind

visitors to easily read the text on your website or have an audio option in case someone has trouble reading. The thing is, if your website doesn’t meet these standards, you can get sued.  And this has been happening a lot. Over 10,000 businesses have already had lawsuits brought against them, this year alone! We don’t want to see you having to deal with something like that.  That’s why we are here to help.

Being ADA Compliant Means That Your Website:

  • Is easily accessible to everyone
  • Features a text to speech feature so everyone can have access to your content
  • Has an alternate layout that is very easy to read

Making your Website Ada Compliance is a great idea, so if you ready to
avoid lawsuits and you want to kickstart your compliance process, then
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